Monday, June 15, 2009

Make a Play For Hossa?

Yeah he was invisible for much of the playoffs and especially in the cup finals, but what if we sign him to a front loaded contract for 4-5 years? He isn't THE guy to get us to a cup, but he could certainly help the team and take pressure off of Hemsky and Gagner.

Let's just use these numbers as a basis for his contract.

Year 1 $10 million
Year 2 $7 million
Year 3 $7 million
Year 4 $5 million
Year 5 $3.5 million

That's 5 years for $32.5 million or a cap hit of $6.5 million. Hossa should be a very hungry player after being made an ass of in the cup finals. He will give us a legit top line player and by the Oilers paying him the vast majority of his money in the first 3 years it makes him a tradeable asset after year 3 if we need cap space for my other proposed acquisitions. It would also allow us more trade flexibility because we would hold onto assets that would otherwise be gone to get a player of Hossa's ability.

Sign Hossa for 5 years and $32.5 million, sign Bouwmeester, trade whatever we need to (not named Hemsky or Gagner) for Tavares (we could shed Hossa's salary when John becomes a RFA if need be), trade whatever else we need to land Nathan Horton.

Proposed trades.....

Visnovsky/Gilbert/Grebeshkov, Cogliano, 2nd tier player/solid prospect or #10 pick for
#2 pick (John Tavares)

Gilbert/Grebeshkov, Nilsson, Brule, 3rd round pick for
Nathan Horton, Florida's 1st round pick

sign Biron or another goalie, this leaves us with.....

Schremp, MacIntyre

Bouwmeester-whichever of the 3 proposed d-men are left
Peckham-UFA/trade return for Moreau/Pisani/Staios



Saurash said...

That's ambitious.
I'd try to deal O'Sullivan and just bring in a solid 2-way face-off winning center like Malhotra to take his place.

Horton Horcoff Hemsky
Tavares Gagner Hossa
Penner Malhotra Pisani
Pouliot Brodziak Stortini

Souray Bouwmeester
Gilbert Foster
Smid Strudwick


I don't know how that'll work cap-wise but it'd be great if we move Moreau and Staios

Bryanbryoil said...

That looks solid, except I'd have Jacques on the 4th line instead of Pouliot.