Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now That The Season Is Over, The Real Fun Begins!

Trade speculation, the upcoming draft, and free agent season are within sight. This is the time that teams that missed the post season or got bounced out of the playoffs early look to make changes to give them that extra push moving forward.

Lots of big names seem to be floating around and available. Heatley, Pronger, and Lecavalier are the most likely to be dealt in terms of the rumor mill. Gaborik, Bouwmeester, Hossa, and Havlat are big name UFA's. And there are rumblings that even the 2nd overall pick could be in play if Victor Hedman is snagged with the 1st overall pick.

A number of teams will be trying to reach the level of Pittsburgh and Detroit, the notables are Washington, Chicago, Carolina, Boston, Anaheim, and perennial playoff disappointments San Jose, Calgary, and Vancouver. All of them seem to be within striking difference with a few big moves or very effective smaller ones.

One thing is for certain, this off season will be a very busy one and could be a very exciting one for the teams listed above as well as the next tier of teams that are looking to take a step up in the league pecking order. One of which of course is our very own Edmonton Oilers.

Dreams of big moves, a successful draft, and a team that seems poised for a strong season under new leadership has the excitement level at an elevated state in Oilerville.

Here's to hoping that Tambellini has a happy off season hunting spree and brings in the type of player(s) that we've sorely missed since Pronger left town. The Oilers are moving in the right direction, how far we move in that direction is to be determined. In Tambellini and Katz we trust.

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