Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Schremp Needs To Stop And Take A Look At His Game

(Rob Schremp back when he scored 23 goals and actually shot the puck)

The majority of his answers on TPS IMO were that of someone that is content with his game and a guy that is not willing to look at what he can do to improve his game. I asked him a question about his lack of shooting and he just played it off and said that Potulny had the hot stick so he got him the puck and it doesn't matter to him if he scores or someone else scores. I have a major issue with this mentality and it's no wonder why he only scored 7 goals last season. This is a guy that potted a goal a game as a 19 year old in the OHL. Not to mention he sure as hell wasn't attached at the hip to Potulny later on in the year, so why didn't his mentality change then to better suit his linemates?

He needs to look to score if he ever wants to be a significant NHL contributor. Unless he really improves his speed he will find it to be tough sledding if he's only going to be a playmaker. Speaking of his skating he seems content with it, I think that his skating is passable, it sure as hell wouldn't hurt him to get faster North/South that's for sure. This is a guy that needs to bear down and concentrate on these 2 things if he ever wants to be the player that he wants to be and fans like myself want him to be.

The positives were that he's working with Gagner again so hopefully he gets stronger and maybe their offseason relationship will end up paying dividends as this is the 2nd summer in a row that they've spent time together training and eventually playing for the Knights. He also said that he feels faster after strengthening his legs so far this offseason. He seemed to not want to talk about his past with the organization in particular his past with MacT. Seemed to make it a point to mention that he's looking forward to a fresh start.

The kid had better be getting his ass in gear and work on his skating and his shot. Maybe added strength will improve both, that's what I'm hoping because it sure as hell doesn't seem like he's planning on specifically working on either. If he doesn't "get it" at camp and doesn't make the team a change of organizations might be the only thing that salvages his career.


raventalon40 said...

Maybe he needs a year in the SEL or KHL to remind him how great his short stint in the NHL was. His being sent down after a good few games was undeserving, but he could've avoiding pouting on the farm as well.

raventalon40 said...

That being said, I still think Rob Schremp can be a contributor at the NHL level.

Bryanbryoil said...

I think he can be a contributor, but if he just wants to be a minor contributor he's on the right path to doing so. I agree with Millard that the gap between him and Nilsson is minimal and a new coach could toss more support behind him if he sees other things he likes (He was grittier and more physical in his stint). However he needs to take the hint already, and as excited as I was last season for his offseason training I'm the opposite this year because although he looked a little quicker and quite a bit stronger somewhere along the way he lost the desire to shoot the freaking puck. He needs to get that back as well as become stronger and faster.

oilerdiehard said...

That disturbed me as well BBO.

At times it is over exaggerated but for him to say his skating is not a problem at all? No wonder there has been some frustration from the Oil brass about him not wanting to work on certain things. He definitely needs to work on his skating. He probably feels like he is skating fast but that wide body stride wastes so much of the energy he is trying to put into the stride IMO.

I also agree with you on his shot. Apparently Rob Daum agreed as well. I clearly remember after one Falcon game late in the season in a post game interview. Rob had a good game and they asked Daum what he done tonight that he liked about his game. He almost with a slight frustrated sense of relief in voice burst out loudly with "yeah, well he finally shot puck tonight!".

Bryanbryoil said...

I recall a coach (maybe it was Truitt) that said something along the lines of yeah nice shot we need to see it more, or something along those lines. That is why the whole "the coaches and the players are the ones I answer to" pissed me off because he clearly wasn't listening to their direction in relation to his shot.