Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Schremp On The Pipeline Show Tonight 7-9PM MST Team 1260 AM

IMO this should be an interesting interview by Guy and Dean, I don't suspect any soft questions lobbed his way, his season last year can be looked at as nothing but a monumental failure minus his 4 game NHL stint which IMO was a success. His goalscoring fell off the map, he shot the puck less, and his offensive production as a whole went in the toilet after the 20 game mark.

The positives? With a new coaching staff in place Rob and his fans can no longer use the MacT is a hater crutch. That and the team is looking to shed salary, if he does well at camp he could be kept while a more expensive option hits the bricks. Either way tonight should be about asking him tough questions because for a player that always seems to come up with the right answers, he needs to answer for a monumental collapse in his and his teams play as well as his once solid status as a prospect.

This could get very interesting.

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