Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Know That It's Bad When A Guy Might Tuck Tail And Return To A Hostile Environment

Instead of coming to Edmonton. If the Oilers have indeed placed a deadline on this "deal" and Heatley isn't ready to make a decision, one has to wonder just how dumb Dany Heatley might be. His owner can't stand him, his GM can't stand him, his coach can't stand him, and he's sure to have lost respect in the dressing room, and oh yeah the fans are probably torturing their Dany Heatley voodoo dolls as we speak.

So he could either return to all of that (who wouldn't want to?) or he could come to Edmonton, be relatively close to his childhood home and most Oilers fans would forgive his perceived snubs of the city and the team once they realize that they got Dany Freaking Heatley to play with Ales Freaking Hemsky. That would be the most talented top line duo that we will have had in my time as an Oilers fan and many of the younger generation of Oilers fans as well.

If Heatley does anything less than return to 45+ goal form in Ottawa I don't think that the Ottawa faithful will be as forgiving. If he snubs the Oilers for one final time, I hope that his remaining stay in Ottawa is anything but cozy. This is like someone asking you if you'd rather go to jail for a month or do 20 hours of community service. This should be a no brainer, and because it should be I guess maybe that says everything that we need to know about Dany Heatley if he picks Ottawa or hopes that one of his top teams sweep him off of his feet this offseason.


NBOilerFan said...

I don't think he'll end up back in Ottawa, and I'm guessing that Heatley doesn't believe so either.

What I do believe is that Heatley is waiting out the Oilers and would like nothing more then have teh Oilers pull the offer off the table, so this is the news he is waiting for.

This way he can say he never said "no" to the Oilers, plus he is banking on this resulting in Murray having to look seriously at the "next tier" of offers.

Heatley and his camp are hoping/assuming that once the Oilers deal is pulled Murray will have no choice to to look at the next best offers, which likely means 2-3 teams all offering similar type deals which are all not as good as the Oilers, thus not as good for the Sens, but better destinations for Heatley.

It may backfire, but on.ly if Murray really holds out on Heatley and I don't think he will, and I'm betting neither does the Heatley camp.

Bryanbryoil said...

That's a very good possibility. However if I were Murray and I got pennies on the dollar for Heatley, I'd just let him sit. If he doesn't want to return he can forfeit his salary. I see no reason why Murray should have to eat useless salary while dealing away a useful albeit pain in the ass player. However I'm not the one making the calls but that's what I'd do if I were Murray.

NBOilerFan said...

Well... that is certainly an option and Murray has even hinted at that I believe. The problem is, he still needs top ice a competitive team, so its a high risk proposition.

Should he elect to sit Heatley and the Sens miss the playoffs... Murray would be run out of Ottawa.

Would you risk your carreer on this issue, or finally cut teh ties and say "fine... lets get whatever we can get and move on".

Its not a great situation either way, but its the spot between the rock and a hard place Murray is in.