Monday, August 3, 2009

Moreau Needs To Go!

While doing a list of my projected goal totals for the Oil on HF boards I came to the final conclusion that Moreau should the the one on the way out. This would be our top 14 forwards minus Moreau IMO.....

Schremp/Nilsson, MacIntyre

We'd have a skilled guy in the PB as well as MacIntyre. When we need toughness we bump Jacques to the 3rd line and insert MacIntyre onto the 4th line. When we play a team that has minimal toughness we play Schremp and Nilsson and sit Jacques or Stortini and drop Pisani down to the Brule line.

Moreau at this point needs to be moved for a number of reasons, 1 is his cap hit, 2 is his penalty taking, and 3 because along with a change in coaching there should be a change in the captaincy on this team. As long as the rumors of Souray wanting out are false, give him the C. He came to Edmonton as a FA, the guy CHOSE to play here, that's huge. If not, IMO it's time to pin the C on the current face of the franchise, Hemsky.

Hemsky is the only guy who literally took less than he could've gotten to stay here. That means something to me. Horcoff surely didn't leave even a half eaten twinkie at the table, let alone a red cent when he signed his extension. Moreau, Pisani, and Staios all went for the gold when they had the chance and didn't leave anything on the table. Hell even former face of the Oilers Ryan Smyth was quoted as saying that he wouldn't take a hometown discount before he was kicked to the curb.

This move could give Hemsky a bigger role, feel like it's his team, and move us forward in a different direction. When it's all said and done, it's time to move Moreau. Some team could use a guy that's seen as a leader that has overstayed his welcome here. It's just too bad that he didn't leave 1 less year on the table when he was negotiating his contract or he would be a much easier to move player.

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