Monday, August 3, 2009

Shed Salary Already!

At this point in time their contributions do not reflect their cap hits.

Moreau 2 more years @ $2 million per season = $2 million cap hit

Pisani 1 more year @ $2.5 million per season = $2.5 million cap hit

Staios 2 more years @ $2.7 million per season = $2.7 million cap hit

Unless the team moves one of their top 4 d-men, they will need to move these players to clear cap space to open up the flexibility to take on salary in trades. I seriously doubt that the Oilers would bury any of these guys in the AHL to get some cap space. If the team can't move these guys, I think that the trading deadline would be a perfect time to re-vamp this team.

All 3 should be on the block from now until the end of their contracts. I proposed this last season as well. We would be in a hell of a lot better position going forward if we had done this last year as well as trading Roloson at the deadline. We would've had a better draft pick (although I'm fine with who we got at #10) as well as additional draft picks and most importantly CAP SPACE!

The inability of this teams management to do what's best long term just to try and recreate the miracle run that was '05-06 every season is beyond frustrating. With Gagner, Cogliano, and now Grebeshkov all needing new contracts next season, the Oilers had better get their cap in order before we lose a solid building block because of waiting too long to deal away spare parts.

If these vets don't pull their weight this season, they had damn well better not be back next season. We need vets that can contribute and earn their paycheck, not vets that are complacent because they've been in one spot too long and feel that they have the system beat so they can do whatever the hell they want (I'm looking at you Ethan Moreau).

There are points in a season where you can dump salary, the Oilers better be looking to do so at every potential opportunity. And oh yeah, by the way, just because we have cap space doesn't mean that we have to make stupid trades or blow it all on a few UFA's. We have enough quality assets to get a high quality player and then take the remaining money and fill the holes in the lineup.

It's time to send a message to the vets, produce and lead, or you're toast. The last thing that we need is having the next wave of youth learn to be complacent and being overpaid to boot.


oilerdiehard said...

I think you could trade Pisani at the deadline.

Unless it is a specific deal with us taking salary back. I really doubt we will be able to just trade either Moreau or Staios for just picks/prospects.

With the cap apparently going to decrease next off-season. It is wishful thinking IMO that you can trade overpaid 3rd liners, bottom pairing D and not take salary back. I am speaking specifically about Staios and Moreau. They have more than 1 year left on their contracts.

I would say unless we send one or both down to the minors. We are stuck and I mean stuck with Moreau and Staios' cap hit until at least the trade deadline in 2010-11.

Pies comes off the books at the end of the season anyway. So if you can not get much in trade for him at the deadline. I would be okay re-signing him as long as it is for 1 million and preferably less.

Bryanbryoil said...

I don't know ODH, I think that we could move Moreau at $2 million. We may have to add say a 4th round pick to sweeten the pot, but I'd do it if need be. Maybe Toronto would be a good trading partner? Not sure who we could get, but Burke seems rather willing to deal picks and prospects for grinders.

Staios is a different ballgame. I agree that we'd have to take on salary for him, however it would seem less of a kick in the junk at least IMO to the rest of the NHLers looking to come here if we acquired someone and stuck them in the minors than if we did it to our long time player.