Friday, September 11, 2009

20 Questions Entering Camp

1) Which players will come out of the gate quickly and climb up the depth chart?

2) Will we see any vets lose their jobs this camp?

3) Which one time promising prospects will be waiver fodder at the end of the preseason?

4) Will a winning mentality be instilled into the players this camp instead of the whole "it's preseason so it doesn't matter, which then leads to it's the start of the season, we'll get better"?

5) Who gets dealt before the start of the season?

6) Is Penner in better shape?

7) How does Visnovsky look after returning from his injury?

8) Does Gagner look poised to break out after maturing more physically?

9) Is O'Sullivan ready to step up into a 2 way offensive role?

10) How will Cogliano look on the wing? How will O'Sullivan look as a center?

11) Did Nilsson really pack on significant muscle mass? If so how much will it improve his play and consistency?

12) Will Quinn employ a 3 scoring line approach?

13) How will Jordan Eberle look in his first lengthy stay with the club?

14) How much has Theo Peckham improved his game and is he ready to grab Strudwick's spot for good?

15) Is this Smid's time to push for shutdown minutes?

16) Will special teams finally become "special" for the Oilers in a positive way?

17) Will the players with letters on their jerseys remain with the same letters?

18) Does Comrie get cast immediately into prime offensive ice?

19) Is this the start of a franchise level season for Hemsky?

20) How will Horcoff react if he suddenly finds himself centering the 3rd line and has no PP time?

So many questions, and many answers will become clearer with the end of every preseason game. It should be a good 'un.

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