Saturday, September 12, 2009

How To Spell Dany Heatley In Hawaiian

Douche Bag. Wow is this guy ever happy right now, he goes to the team that he wants to, they don't give up anywhere near what should be commanded for a player of his caliber, and he gets to play with one of the elite playmakers over the last decade of NHL hockey.

Amazing how great things happen to such spoiled human beings. This guy deserves to have his career go into the toilet and his team tank, however we all know what happened the last time that an elite player got his panties in a bunch and demanded a trade from a Canadian team to sunny California.

Yep, we may as well book it, Dany "Douche Bag" Heatley will be skating the cup in SJ this season. What a shame that a player with such incredible talent has to be such a world class premadonna.

And so it goes good old Canadian boys would rather live down south than bring the cup back to Canada. Oh Canada, where's the national pride in these rich Canadian athletes that I saw in the everyday Joe's in Alberta?

The lines between spoiled American athletes and spoiled Canadian athletes are now non existent. We may as well stock up on European players and give the middle finger to all of these spoiled North American punks just like they have to Canada.

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