Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aviater Bet In Full Flight

Jump The Shark, The Vagabond, whatever that backpacking Euro hobo wants to call himself decided that he wanted to do another "aviater" bet, he who cannot spell is certain that Gilbert Brule will make the team while Rob Schremp is cast off to the depths of the ECHL.

So since he seemed to have a thing about guys that act fem, I decided to name this years aviater. The Leave Britney alone "guy" mascara and all aviater that will say either "Leave Brule Alone" or "Leave Schremp Alone" or possibly both. I know that Brule has a good chance to make the big club, but I also feel that Schremp is really getting passed over because of last season.

Both should come to camp guns a blazing, and both could make the big club this season if they come in and play very well. Both are highly touted young former 1st rounders and both are highly skilled players coming off of less than stellar seasons. I'm probably the underdog in this bet but I said what the hell? This aviater and being banished to the HF Leafs board to spew pro Leaf crap for 15 days isn't too bad. I mean hell, I've had to try to decode The Vagabond's misspelled posts for the last 5 years, sport a freaking Richard Simmons aviater, and listen to The Vagabond ramble incoherently like Ozzy on a cocktail of every drug and alcoholic beverage known to man.

So I say fuck it, bring it on "The Vagabond", it's ironic that his username initials are TV as he sure seems to like Trannies, and I don't mean automatic or standard transmissions if you know what I mean.

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