Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Rob Schremp Hockey"

After the backlash from MacT backers and Schremp haters because of Schremp's recent interview where he said that he needs to get back to playing "Rob Schremp Hockey", I figured that I may as well chime in you know, since I seem to be the resident Schremp apologist to some and someone that can read between the lines by others.

People were saying that he'd piss away what little he has learned since turning pro by reverting into his care free and responsibility free Junior form. Of course that's what they want you to think and they believe that he is that dense because he hasn't converted to the church of the all knowing one Craig Mactavish.

This is of course if you had respect for the former coach and thought that he never played favorites and didn't throw his non favorites so far into his dog house that they'd never come out of it. I of course am not that guy nor do I share that opinion.

What I've seen of Rob Schremp is a guy whose confidence and cockiness was thrown under the bus and suppressed. I for one am not a big fan of people that are cocky, however Schremp is a guy that needs that swagger and confidence to play an effective game. Let's not forget that the same MacT that took every shot possible at Schremp, nearly kept him on board in his 19 year old season.

Back when he was a seemingly cocky punk with unreal puck skills. Now he is stronger, faster, and has learned at least a little where his own zone is. Fact of the matter is he is still at his best when he's thinking of offense first and second. When he has confidence in his shot instead of shying away from it, when he has confidence to make spectacular passes and dangles instead of playing a safe game.

There is nothing "safe" about Rob Schremp, he is an offensive specialist, a guy that can run a PP and also score on it, a guy that can create offense in situations where most players can't. Yes he could still stand to add some grit, IMO that and especially his confidence will be what makes or breaks his chances with the big club this season.

His best shot is to come in push the envelope offensively, run the 2nd PP unit from the right side of the ice and start to look to score with regularity. It might sound like a bit of a stretch for a guy coming off of a whopping 7 goal season to start to score at the next level, but the skill is there, the confidence is his biggest hurdle.

Confidence and cocky is Rob Schremp hockey, conservative and defensive hockey is not. If all else fails get back to what brought you to the dance, play how you want to play, salivate over the opportunity to have a camp under someone other than MacT, and seize the moment.

If he doesn't, he needs to keep his confidence high and play his game in Springfield or wherever the waiver wire may send him. Because this time there is no MacT to blame, if he can't make it, he needs to look in the mirror and dedicate himself like never before or he may as well just head off to Europe unless of course he wants to be a highly paid AHL journeyman.

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