Sunday, August 30, 2009

Euro Can Cup And Comrie All Rolled Into One

From left to right: Sheldon Souray, Mike (thank God this isn't prison) Comrie, and Zdeno Chara.

The Euro Can Cup will conclude tomorrow as the host Knights will take on EV Zug from the Swiss First Division. All three Oilers prospects have had significant contributions to the Knights with Sam Gagner leading the charge with a whopping 7 goals and 3 assists in all of 3 games! The Knights look to finish the tournament undefeated and the North American players look to build upon this tournament to gear them up for the preseason.

Now onto Mike Comrie. Interesting potential move to say the least hometown boy that wanted out now wants to return? Is it because Mr. Duff is now used to the limelight? Is it because he has no other potential suitors and his father has ties with fellow rich beyond our wildest dreams buddy Daryl Katz? Are the Oilers trying to extend an olive branch to Rich Winter and other NHL agents? Or is this really a strictly personnel related potential acquisition?

No matter how you look at it, it is odd to say the least. Lowe and Comrie under the same roof? Comrie not getting booed in Rexall? This is like a cobra and a mongoose calling a truce. Disturbing comes to mind. If this is part of a bigger plan where the Oilers can shed salary and bring in a big ticket player, I'm all for it. If not, this is quite simply fucked up.

I suppose that Tambellini was throwing out cliches at his first few press conferences this summer, because Comrie doesn't make us bigger, nor does he make us tougher to play against. I mean if we are planning on icing a lineup that would make female gymnasts feel big, then say it for crying out loud. But hey, what do I know, the idea of having excess in one area to fix other areas has worked out so well for us hasn't it?

It's a nice principal but for it to be effective you have to make moves. Instead the Oilers just sit back and wait expecting someone to make us significantly better in one fell swoop. Oh well at least we can all sit back and use our binoculars from the nosebleeds to see these mighty mites in action.

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