Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brian Burke Looking To Make 1967 Only Memorable For The Chaos Caused By Filthy Hippies

If Brian Burke has his way (and he always does BTW) the Toronto Maple Leafs will win the cup soon and 1967 will only be remembered because of an over abundance of filthy, stinky, drug using hippies that now live off of the governments tit while they recall LSD flashbacks and piss all over themselves and their caregivers while talking about how they dry humped a rainbow once.

A top notched defense, a promising new goaltender, a coach that pwns the Toronto media, and some incredible skill up front in Kessel, Grabovski, Tlusty, and soon to be Kadri, you know, Nazim Kadri a guy that played for the London Knights that actually has a pair of balls and can translate his game into preseason success unlike some other former Knights that blow goats in the NHL preseason and ends up having their #1 fan banished to the fucking Leafs board for 15 damn days. Anyhow, back to my favorite topic in life, Toronto Maple Leaf hockey! GO LEAFS GO!

Burke, Wilson, the millions (and millions of TML fans), the Canadian media, making an ass of fools like Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish (listening to Burke is like drinking from a fire hose Craig? Well guess what? Burke is a GM and you're a freaking TSN analyst paid to kiss Burke's ass or face his fury!

All is good in the world of the Toronto Maple Leafs. There are 2 kinds of hockey players in the NHL, those that ARE Toronto Maple Leafs and those that WANT to be Toronto Maple Leafs.


BTW-The Leafs have some kick ass chicks too! I should know, I married one! Check out the obviously huge Leafs lover lower down on the page, you don't see female Oilers fans doing stuff like that unless they're in the playoffs, playoffs smayoffs, that TML chick loves the team sooooo much she does that for the regular season. No wonder everyone wants to play in Toronto!



RaoulDuke said...

The best part is maybe you'll bring some of that Rob Schremp luck to those bitch Maple Leafs.

Bryanbryoil said...


Bryanbryoil said...

Schremp is the kind of guy that has about as good of luck as a lab rat that is being used to determine how flexible the sphincter is by cramming ever increasingly large objects in there.


OYLer said...

Hey wait a minute, I resemble some of those disparaging remarks in your opening foyer into 'small apple' fandom. Quite the runon sentence ending in a paragragh seizure of flashback. It sounds almost like you speak from the "Are You Experienced" kaleidoscopic viewpoint.

Protean in your punishment endured, perhaps best you take your medicine carefully. Were I you, I'd avoid the blue remedies offered by long suffering Leaf lifers. Given a choice of Sani-Flush punch or the Jonestown Kool-Aid, perhaps remaining a closet Oilers fan would be prudent.

Schremp induced dehydration dementia remians preferable to Burkean cultish bombast. I think the Bulin Wall would concur.

And considering how many ex-Hab fans bought into the deadly Hail-Bopp flight of fantasy, we understands you choosing the lesser of two evils.

Just some "stinky" and disorganized ramblings from one "filthy" mouthed old ex-hippie's who once "dry humped a rainbow."

Bryanbryoil said...

You just keep chasing after that rainbow maaaaaaaannnnnnn!


OYLer said...

Not being able to edit out my typos and sloppy revision irks me no end. That's why I post mostly at HF-Oilers. Thus still being anal anywhom:

'Remain' correcting "remian" and removing the ' 's ' from "ex-hippie's" are the edits I would make. Mistakes I can't seem to correct without deleting and making a repost.

Long past 'groovy' I, hopefully, remain a cat's cradle of cool, who is always willing to maaaaaaaannnnnnn-up!