Thursday, September 24, 2009

The White Flag Has Been Raised

I surrender to the fact that barring a trade or a strong push from management, Rob Schremp's preseason is likely over. While once again I feel that he's done o.k., once again he has failed to stick out in a good way.

While I would've liked to have seen him get into 4-5 preseason games, there were a ton of forwards in similar situations as Schremp in terms of waiver eligibility. I will now, barring a surprising twist concede that Schremp will be sent down. However unlike many I do believe that he will be claimed on waivers.

Either way the kid has failed me 1 last training camp and he has no one to blame but himself. If he does clear waivers he had better eat the AHL alive if he wants anotther shot with the Oil at some other point in the season.


oilerdiehard said...

I guess I am one of the few. But I do hope he clears and remains Oil property. You never know with a trade or injury he might come up and stick.

But you are right. He had been pretty good but only pretty good. Unfortunately he has been pushed around a bit and given the puck away his fair share. He has had some good shifts too and owned the PP in that one game. But otherwise nothing mind blowing.

I honestly think he really blew his best opportunity a couple years ago. We had room for two small skilled guys. All Schremp had to do was out play raw rookies (keep in mind Schremp already had a taste of pro hockey by that point) in Gags and Cogliano.

Instead he had maybe his most disappointing camp IMO. That was the good shot that he let get away. When it got away it also hurt his future chances letting two small skilled players pass by him. Which made his skill set a lot less in demand for the Oil.

I certainly respect the faith and dedication you have had for him Bryan.

On a side note. The offense would be killer down in Springfield if you added Schremp to Stone, Linglet, Minard, Potulny, Fretter, Reddox (I think he is likely to end up there), Trukhno etc...

Black Dog said...

To be fair to Schremp he was coming off of a knee injury that fall, iirc, wheh ne was beaten out by 89 and 13.

Timing matters but then of course he came to camp last fall out of shape by his own admission.

And this season there are just too many guys who have shown more.

I've always been ambivalent about Schremp. I wanted him to do well because if he did then that meant that the Oilers would do well.

I had my doubts about the guy though.

I would bet that someone claims him, the Isles or Colorado. Someone starved for offence will give him a shot and if he does well then of course the debate will begin again.

RaoulDuke said...

I hope he gets claimed on waivers, gets 2 games with his new team before being reassigned to the AHL. Only for the Oilers to reclaim him and start this cycle all over again.