Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hopeful Expectations For Paajarvi-Svensson and Lander This Season

Based on two highly successful recent Swedish Elite League graduates Anze Kopitar ('05-06) and Niklas Backstrom ('06-07) this is what I'd like to see from Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson and Anton Lander the Oilers Timra twin prospects, fraternal twins that is!

Anze Kopitar 18 year old season
47gp. 8-12-20 28pim. #6 in team scoring 5 points behind 1st

Niklas Backstrom 18 year old season
45gp. 12-28-40 46pim. #1 in team scoring by a whopping 11 points

Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson 17 year old season
50gp. 7-10-17 4pim. #9 in team scoring, 26 points behind #1

Anton Lander 17 year old season
47gp. 4-6-10 12pim. #16 in team scoring, 33 points behind #1

Considering that the Timra twins play on a stronger offensive team than either Backstrom or Kopitar did, it shouldn't be unrealistic to see MPS best Kopitars mark by a fair margin, as a matter of fact it should be expected since he was just 3 points shy of that feat as a 17 year old. However Backstrom's mark is a lofty one, he was top fiddle by a fair margin so undoubtedly he got prime ice time and the teams best linemates.

Lander isn't seen to be anywhere near as dynamic as the other 3 players in this equation, but his 17 year old numbers were nothing to scoff at by any stretch of the imagination. Here is what I'd like to see from our Timra duo this season......

Magnus Paajarvi Svensson
53gp. 12-18-30

Timra's Top LW's Last Season
Fredrik Hynning 47gp. 15-21-36
Timo Parssinen 31gp. 6-18-24

If Paajarvi can take the next step and move into the top 6 his numbers could resemble Backstrom's, if he stays in the bottom 6 they maybe between Kopitar's 18 year old stats and my projections for him this season in the 25ish point range.

Anton Lander
51gp. 6-9-15

Timra's Top C's Last Season
Mika Pyorala 55gp. 21-22-43
Tom Wandell 51gp. 15-26-41
Johan Andersson 55gp. 5-12-17

Like Paajarvi-Svensson I expect Lander to get an expanded role, he doesn't seem like a very good bet to challenge for a top 6 role, but an expanded role in the bottom 6 and his maturation as a player likely means that he will improve on his impressive rookie pro season.

IMO their lines in the sand in terms of showing positive growth as players would be 25 points for MPS and 14 for Lander. Anything above those totals would be superb and it would show rapid improvement from the top two Oilers picks from the '09 draft.

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