Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Lineup That I'd Like To See Vs. Florida




The top line gets a chance to see how effective they could be, and see how Schremp does with similarly skilled players on the right wing.

The 2nd line could be a potential 3rd or 4th line, it also gives all 3 a shot to show what they've got as all three are fighting for a bottom 6 role.

The 3rd line consists of 2 NHL hopefuls and a potential AHLer in Kytnar. It gives Brule a chance to play his first preseason game without too much ice time unless he's over the flu. It also give the coaches a chance to decide between him and Potulny.

The 4th line, well, the 4th line consists of 2 AHLers and a potential replacement for MacIntyre. But we are stuck with the 8 vets rule IIRC. Not sure when that ends, but hopefully it'll be soon so that guys like Kytnar, O'Marra, etc. can be on their merry little way.

IMO it's imperative that the coaches get long looks at the guys making a push for a roster spot as well as those that may not have a spot locked up yet.

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