Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preseason Game #2, Eberle and Pouliot Shine

Great games by Eberle and Pouliot as they both strive to make the big club. Nilsson had a decent night, but he wasn't great by any stretch putting him on par with some of the others battling for a roster spot, the difference? His is the highest cap hit of the group.

MacIntyre was MacIntyre, a good fight and some physical play but not much else. However that's to be expected of big #33. Reddox, well he took penalties and did not much else. IMO Reddox is behind Jacques and Stone in terms of bottom 6 hopefuls. There really is no room for a small grinder unless he can throw some big hits from time to time (Brule fits that bill much better than Liam does).

6 games to go, the pressure is on and some of the players are making it easy on Quinn and co. while others are forcing them to make tough decisions. I do however feel that Eberle should not make the club unless he greatly outplays the others, it is entirely possible, but we have a number of guys that could be lost to waivers, Eberle's rookie contract should wait until next season, at that point he could very well be ready for the Oil. The strides that he's made from last camp are impressive.


Hockey Noob said...

Yeah, Reddox looked terrible during this game--he was often out of place not to mention that he drew a total of 6 minutes in penalties. Hemsky had a less than impressive outing himself. Cogliano looked pretty good. Gagner looked good but made some errors.

Overall, Eberle was really impressive and his play surprised me during the game.

Bryanbryoil said...

Eberle was a big surprise to me, yeah he was on the best line of the night with 2 established NHLers, but he was getting to the right spots on the ice and making things happen. We'll see how he does later on in camp, but he definitely got my attention in a good way against rhe NYI.