Monday, September 14, 2009

A New Attitude, Fresh Starts, and Excitement Fills The Air, It's Time For Hockey!

News spread fast of Pat Quinn setting the tone for theseason, in essence telling the Oilers players to stop screwing around at camp and get down to business. This IMO was much needed and it could be seen coming this whole offseason. This is what the Oilers lacked last preseason as they sleep walked through camp and the preseason with little to no fear of losing their jobs. Quite frankly it spilled well into the regular season. A winning start to this season will be vital in transforming this team with a mediocre mindset into a team of winners.

Goofing around and drifting through camp this time around won't cut it, Quinn isn't putting up with half assed efforts. As long as he can mix praise in with malign, he will turn this teams fragile psyche and even frailer work ethic 180 degrees. There are a ton of guys hungry for spots and IMO the final nail to the MacT led Oilers would be a vet that has coasted for too long getting displaced by a new face.

The Oilers management that has in the past worked at a snails pace may very well need to expedite their sluggish approach to player movement with so many waiver eligible forwards on the outside looking in. It's still very early in camp but the enthusiasm of a number of players seems to be spilling onto the ice. The kind of enthusiasm that only change can bring forth.

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