Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Initial Bar Has Been Set

Not very high, but a few players can't even see over it after the 1st of 8 preseason games.

The Bar Setters:

Mike Comrie-The veteran who would have to crap the bed to not make the club, MC got 2 assists tonight and was one of the Oilers best forwards tonight.

Rob Schremp-I would've liked to have seen a little more, but he did well on the PP and was respectable at ES despite playing on an unfamiliar wing. Either way he did more good than bad for his chances with tonight's performance.

Ryan Stone-A solid game by Stone, not as physical as I'd like, but he did some good pking and showed his versatility.

The Bed Crappers:

JF Jacques-Perhaps playing on a skill line had him looking to shine offensively, unfortunately he forgot his bread and butter which is his physical play. His job was to create space for Schremp and Horc and crash the net. IMO he left a lot to be desired. Luckily this is only game 1.

Ryan Potulny-Didn't show much at all, definitely behind the 8 ball.

Next Up:






There's bound to be a few of these guys to raise the bar even higher than it was set today, however for the bed crappers, they had better bounce back strong the very next game or they could be ditched in a hurry so that the others can be given a longer look.

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