Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Leafs Fans GDT Of The BOA That No One Gives A Crap About

The Puck is about to drop 10 minutes after game time, do these Albertans know how to tell fricking time?

Glencross scores great start to the game for the men who have an unhealthy love for cows.

Penner puts Regehr on his padding around his brains and then makes a nice pass to Brule.

Oilers not taking shit from Cowgary. Me thinks some gloves will be dropped soon.

Grebeshkov needs to lay off the booze before games.

Penner continies to play a dominant power forward style, the Oilers actually have a scoring line besides the Hemsky line.

PATTIO with the shot, Penner cleaning up the mess, this will be a good line this year, and Penner will have a career year, book it.

Man I love the Leafs, they're soo much more exciting than these losers.

Jacques getting into the Flamers heads. Grebeshkov with a poor offsides, wow is he sucking thus far.

Dion took it in the butt, this time it was on the ice.

Storts back and taking a penalty, trying to pick a fight with one of the guys that he is a consistent favorite against for a change.

I talk to myself 'cause there is no one to talk to.

David Moss just scored? Who in the fuck is David Moss?

Cogliano gets rag dolled by the crappier of the 2 Kronwalls.

Steaming back down? WTF? Did someone leave a tea kettle on in the broadcast booth?

Iron Man bitches!

Grebeshkov put on his ass by Bourque.

Ole' hot potato hockey, take it before I get my head ripped off of my shoulders.

End 'O the 1st.

RD, you can always talk to me ;) WTF happened there that got you banned BTW?

Just got back from wiping away my tears from watching such a crappy 1st period compared to the TO/Washington game.

Jacques getting 2nd unit PP time, just like I told people he should awhile back, he has the size and the hands in tight to get the job done on the 2nd unit.

How about we wait to chant Calgary sucks until we have the lead and they aren't pinning us in our own zone?

Bouwmeester is an ass hat, we shouldn't have given him any tickets, he can have all the tickets he wants in Cowgary. Staios taking the obligatory dumb vet penalty for the night, will Moreau try to one up him?

Sloppy Seconds bounces one off of Smid.

Gagner drops the mitts trying to show how crusty he can be, which is far from as crusty as Sloppy Seconds girlfriends attire.

And Moreau right on cue takes a dip shit penalty that screams leader.

Stone dumps Giordano like last weeks garbage but Giordano didn't want him to leave wrapping her legs around Stone.

JILL BEAR BRUUUUUUULLLLLLEEEEEEE you son of a bitch, because of you I am on the Leafs board alone, that's alright, keep it up kid. Penner with his 2nd point of the night, game on bitches!

Sloppy Seconds Slashes Stone, say that 10 times fast.

End 'O the 2nd.

So Horcoff can win draws, how about he create some offense? We need a goal here, maybe our highest paid forward will come through? Doubtful, I'd bet that it'll be Penner, Jacques, Souray, or O'Sullivan that gets the deed done.

If this were the Leafs playing Calgary they'd be up 7-1 entering the 3rd if Toskala were in net and 7-0 if it were The Monster.

Gilbert and Jacques had better do something I've got them in my pool, that's the only reason that I'm watching this pitiful game.


If Calgary is considered Cowtown, how is it that they have a horse shoe up their asses tonight?

Great break out Oilers!

We need to put out an APB for Moreau, Staios, Hemsky, and Horcoff

And oh yeah Sammy Gagner 2/3's of the way to the Gordie Howe hatty with El Capitan penalty forcing a play to be rushed that led to a turnover.

Stone I believe put a Flames player on their ass while continuing to get so far under the Flames skin that he's making a play for lead role in Silence of the Lambs the Broadway play, Dion puts the lotion on its skin.

No one seems to want to try Souray, I wonder why?

O'Sullivan misses a glorious chance.

Khabibulin way to make an entrance playa.

That horse shoe made its way up to Calgary's esophagus as they win. I believe that surgery will be called for as it looks like the Flames have a double Adams apple in the back of their necks.

THAT is why I am a Leafs fan.

Post Khabibulin Apocalypse Line Ideas


The top line has 2 players with chemistry in O'Sullivan and Comrie to play with Hemsky. This way if it takes time for them to gel at least 2/3's of the line has chemistry.

The 2nd line is defensively sound and near impossible to contain below the faceoff circles in the offensive zone.

The 3rd line is a grittier version of the original kid line and Brule gets to try his luck as a sniper on the left side.

The 4th line is an energy line and a line that will get under the oppositions skin night in and night out.


RaoulDuke said...

I know the feeling of having nobody to talk to man. At least you go back in 2 weeks lol.

Fuckers at HF.

Bryanbryoil said...

I feel your pain, why were you 86ed from HF anyway? Imagine a line of Jacques-Lindros-Penner all in their primes, that would've been sick! Penner looking REALLY good out there tonight, he's going to shut a lot of people up this year.

RaoulDuke said...

I called Narnia a retard (which I still stand by).
Then shit got out of control, it seemed like every mod around was on because I got like 4 infractions for it. (Including 2 from the same guy)

When I tried to call this to their attention they slapped me with another infraction for discussing it outside of PMs.

So I was all "Fuck you guys, this is BS, I can't take it to PMs because I lost that privilege being slapped with so many infractions at once."

Got like 4 moderator abuse infractions at once, and it was game over. All I was trying to do was bring to their attention that they were all doing the same thing at once. But they don't, and still won't listen to it - I'm like a fuckin pariah to these people now. They just completely ignore, even the ones I was cool with for years.

I could understand the 30 day ban like original, but lifetime seems excessive. I don't think I was that much of a dick over the years, like flooding the entire board with racist comments or anything. One bad hour.