Friday, October 2, 2009

An Unbiased Look At The First BOA Of '09-10 From A Leafs Fan

First of all I must say that I could care less about Western Canada and even less about it's sports teams, but since for some reason or another Oilers fans seem to like to read my blog sometimes, here's my 20 cent on the subject.

I for one would like to see JF Jacques run some Flames pansies into the boards (legally) and then kick some Flamer ass. Nothing would make my non-biased Leaf fan self happier (besides seeing Toronto kick ass) than watching Calgary get dominated in the physical department.

Jacques, Stortini, Stone, Souray, Smid, Moreau, Penner, MacIntyre, a combination of these guys could make Calgary's night less than cozy and leave Dion, Robyn, and Jarome feeling "less than fresh". It's just too bad that Theo Peckham doesn't get to partake in the ass stomping (did I just say ass stomping? I meant back and forth physical play) that's bound to happen when the Oilers kick Flamer tail all over the ice on Saturday.

I hope that JF Jacques gets a Gordie Howe hattrick ONLY because I have him in my keeper pool, and for no other reason, I've never heard of the guy let alone cheered for him for years as he dished out hellacious checks and scored goals in the AHL while people talked crap about him. It should be a close game and I really don't care who wins (fuck the Flames and their fake tough guy Dion "sloppy seconds" Phaneuf, Robyn "I like it when guys turn their backs on me so I can take them from behind prison style" Regehr, and Jarome "I'm too nice of a guy to hate even though I have a flaming C on my chest" Iginla.

I must say that as a Leafs fan, this will be boring compared to the on ice product that I've grown accustomed to, but it should be alright for westerners, especially those cow loving Calgarians (until they see their team get bitch slapped Pat Quinn and JF Jacques style).



oilerdiehard said...

That was awesome Bryan. That cracked me the heck up.

Bryanbryoil said...

Why do some people find the truth funny?