Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time For A Reality Check For Some Fans

If you don't think that Horcoff has sucked, that the Oilers flu and injury woes haven't been the biggest factor in stopping the Oilers surge out of the gate this season, and if you think that the new coaching staff is at best equal to the MacT era. Get some smelling salts, brew some coffee, take a gulp of whiskey, and put your tongue on a bare wire plugged into a 110 volt outlet if the first three remedies didn't work.

The message? Wake the hell up and welcome to reality. And oh yeah, Dustin Penner is our best player followed by Lubo and Khabibulin. All 3 have been superb as has Smid. This team misses Souray's presence on the blueline and Strudwick's ass off the ice. 2 of our best players this season are guys that were crapped on by our former coach, so if you think that either Penner or Smid would be having the same success with the worlds largest fly trap agape on the bench instead of Quinn and Renney, lick that bare wire again.

In the meantime this team needs to weather the storm as best they can, get healthy again and get back to banging bodies and skating with speed. The funny thing about all of this is that for this years Oilers to look as bad as last years version they needed injuries and the flu bug. Last years team just needed to hear MacT's motivational speeches (which probably were as helpful as being awakened by the joyous sounds of alley cats in love at 3AM after working a 12 hour day). But hey, the record at this point is the same so all is equal right? If you believe that, take your right hand, grab the back of your neck, bend over as far as you can, and insert your head directly into your ass. That seems to be how you like to watch your games so the position is likely a favorite of yours.

The sky isn't falling and this sure as hell isn't the same team that we've had the last 8 seasons prior to this one. The players maybe the same for the most part, but the team is far from the same.


Fake Craig McTavish said...

Well somebody had to post a comment BBO.

Bryanbryoil said...

Yup, this here is a lonely little site, sometimes I just talk to myself on here :)

Rob said...

I have to agree with you Bryan - I can't wait until Souray is healthy and back in the line up. I miss Comire and Stone too for their offense and grit.

slatz said...

I agree also Bryan. We need to get healthy and call it a day.

On another note, I noticed the link to my site from yours is wrong.

Here is the new link text:

Can you change it to that? Thanks.

Bryanbryoil said...

I changed it Slatz, however I have to ask, where's the Oiler content?

slatz said...

Took it off Bryan because it was interferring with my search engine results. I cover too many topics and the hockey topic diluted all my good work on windows xp - vista and 7 articles. Besides I thought I would let guys like you do the blogging and I will stick to what I know best which is computers.

If you want to remove the link I fully understand because it really isn't relevant to your site. You may get better search engine results if you remove it. Peace!

Bryanbryoil said...

No worries slatz, I just wondered what was up with the site.