Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Oilers Should Pull the Plug on Horcoff Already

Send him off to the butcher and get his shoulder taken care of while hopefully allowing him to be able to rehab properly and maybe one day be able to return to his '07-08 form. The fact that the Oilers are allowing him to play when he has what could be significant shoulder damage is quite simply baffling.

LOTS of money is tied up in this player for LOTS of years, if he does irreparable damage on it in year one, the Oilers will be in serious trouble with the highest paid 4th liner in the NHL by a country mile. Time to shut his season down, lick our wounds, and keep on the phones all year long looking for trades.

If not, the Oilers could be stuck with a $5.5 million a year 4th liner and we'll have to let a 4th line players salary dictate whether or not we can add or retain better players. Not exactly a shrewd business decision.

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