Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday Monday

As far as I'm concerned, unless the Oilers get hit with the flu starin that hasn't been spreading around the room in the meantime, Monday against the Islanders should see the Oilers nearly up to snuff. Tired, weaker, leaner, but willing to kick some tail. If they end up winning one of the games before then, it would have to be considered a major moral victory IMO.

What I've gathered from the last 2-3 games, our "bigger guys" not named Smid have been sucking wind out there, Penner and Jacques have not looked the same and sometimes big guys get hit harder with these types of bugs as they need more air to get those big bodies moving at high speeds. Brule hasn't looked nearly as fast either and the speed game is a major part of what made him a very effective player pre-flu.

Hopefully by Monday Lubo will be feeling better, unfortunately I have to play the part of pessimist as Lubo has been paired up with Smid and has been closer to him on the ice than most other Oilers. Let's hope that Lubo doesn't have H1N1 and that if he does it doesn't hit him harder than it hit Smid and that he's the last Oiler to get it.

The Oilers need to get well so that once they finally kick the flu bug, they can get back to playing like they did before the flu sidetracked them. The team isn't playing uninspired hockey, they are playing energy lacking hockey. Basically it takes the flu for the Pat Quinn Oilers to look as pathetic as the Mactavish Oilers. Better times are around the corner once the flu goes away. That'll be a matter of weeks, the last virus that the Oilers had took 8 years to get rid of.

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