Saturday, December 26, 2009

Your Edmonton Oilers, The Program Of Flatulence

The Oilers have just finished with their sixth loss in a row after a 5 game winning streak. With no help in sight, it's beyond ugly and will only get worse. This is a team that has players that were around in the Oilers major league collapse after the Smyth trade as its LEADERS.

A team that is in love with small players with skill to the point that not only did they draft them, but they also traded for them. A team that has made good moves just to destroy everything with grotesquely bad ones. A team that has no soul, a team that has no heart, and a team that has no hope unless management suddenly and miraculously opens their eyes to the reality that this team needs some help of epic proportions.

This is what happens when you pay players well beyond their worth and try to be competitive at all costs to the present and the future. Perhaps the Oilers could take some hints from team Canada's WJC squad. Let's start by adding a guy like Taylor Hall to Jordan Eberle and Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson, let's start by moving big contracts, Gilbert, Grebeshkov, Visnovski, Souray, Khabibulin, Horcoff, O'Sullivan, let's start by moving guys that are at best NHL role players that command the kind of money that you'd expect KEY role players to command, I'm talking Moreau, Staios, and Pisani.

The only way to right the ship is to take out the trash. The problem is that the trash has been kept around so long that it has become full of maggots and smells like warm water filled with dead fish crossed with skunk piss. Yeah next year could be better if the team remains healthy (I wouldn't bet on it based on what the last 3 seasons have shown us), but this is THE time to make our move, this is THE time to make a change. Lottery pick or bust for this season. I don't care which big or mid level contracts move, but there needs to be a bunch of them moving and none coming back.

Time for the program of flatulence to become a program of success instead of a program known for soiling and worsening themselves every time they do something. Less smelly hot air and more positive moves would be nice for a change.

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