Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh Taylor Hall ,How The Oilers Need Thee!

Memo to Daryl Katz and Steve Tambellini, has the light bulb gone on yet? If either gentleman (or preferably both of them) watched Tuesdays Taylor Hall highlight reel (otherwise known as Canada's 8-2 win over Slovakia), any potential doubt about what to do with the monstrosity that is the Edmonton Oilers hockey club should've been put to rest.

Rebuild through the draft and do whatever is in the Oilers means to secure the best possible chance to land Hall or Tyler Seguin. There should be no doubt at all, no more overspending on scrubs so that we don't look like we have a yearly massive exodus in Edmonton, no more chasing ghosts, land us in one of the top 2 spots of the 2010 draft!

Look to shed salary, look to weaken the team short term, and look towards the future. Worst case scenario we'll be in a similar position in 2011 as well. That said 2 picks in the top 3 in back to back years is hardly a bad thing. Treat these guys like kings, and build around them. Hopefully they repay the club with taking reasonable contracts.

It's not rocket science guys, just for once embrace the obvious choice instead of trying to go against the obvious choice.


Red Deer Rebel said...

OK, you've talked me into it. Maybe this has been Tambo's plan all along, and this is why he didn't make any moves in the summer? What better way to guarantee a top 2 pick than to keep the veteran suck on this club intact?

BTW, did you see Schremp's game winner tonight? Schooled Steve Mason badly during the shootout.

Bryanbryoil said...

No I didn't see his game winner, but it helped the Oil to a point. IMO Tambellini has his hands tied to a point unless he's willing to deal guys like Gagner or Eberle. But it makes all the sense in the world to get a lottery talent and slot him into the lineup with a returning Hemsky next season.