Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hall Vs. Seguin Part 4, More Stats

Going through Tyler Seguin's stats, I found something very interesting. In '08-09 he started his OHL career with no goals in his first 15 games. He finished with 21 goals in his last 46 games. Throw out his first 15 OHL games and he has 50 goals in his last 87 games. In those same first 15 games he had 8 points, since then he had 59 points in his last 46 games of '08-09. Clearly once Seguin got settled into the OHL he has gone on a tear. If you throw out his first 15 games and take his remaining 46 games and prorate them to the same 61 games that he played, suddenly he would've had 78 points as a rookie. Still 12 points shy of Hall's '08-09 season in 2 less games, but much closer.

Suddenly their '08-09 seasons would look much closer.....

Hall 63 38-52-90
Seguin 61 28-50-78

Current assists break down, 3 star selections, and EN goal totals at the end of play on 1/16/10

ES 1st assists 17
ES 2nd assists 6
PP 1st assists 11
PP 2nd assists 6
SH 2nd assists 1
1st stars 8
2nd stars 1
3rd stars 2
Total 3 star selections 11
EN 2

ES 1st assists 14
ES 2nd assists 4
PP 1st assists 11
PP 2nd assists 10
1st stars 10
2nd stars 2
3rd stars 1
Total 3 star selections 13
EN 0

Hall has more ES primary assists while Seguin has a higher primary to secondary assists ratio than Hall while on the PP it's the other way around. Both look to be able to create offensively at ES. Hall has 2 EN goals while Seguin has none, it could be that Seguin isn't out protecting leads like Hall is late in games, or maybe he just hasn't had an EN opportunity to score yet. I also find it interesting that Seguin has more 1st star selections and more total 3 star selections as well.

Multi Point Games

Hall (18)
7-2 points games
4-3 point games
4-4 point games
3-5 point games

Seguin (19)
7-2 point games
7-3 point games
3-4 point games
2-5 point games

Multi Goal Games

Hall (8)
6-2 goal games
2-3 goal games

Seguin (6)
2-2 goal games
4-3 goal games

31 of Hall's 69 points came in 7 games!
Hall has at least 1 point in 31 of his 39 games.

Seguin has had a point in 30 of his 41 games.

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