Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tank For Two Whole Seasons Before Looking Towards the Light at the End of the Tunnel?

The Oilers are in a situation where they could easily be one of the worse teams in the league for two consecutive seasons at least if they choose to go for a full on rebuild. If they decided to go that route it could be best for the long term health of the club.

Key Oilers Prospects in '10-11:

Eberle: To the AHL
MPS and Lander: Stay in Sweden 1 more year
Nash and Petry: Finish their Senior seasons in the NCAA

This would mean that the Oilers would only be looking to break in Chorney, Peckham, Dubnyk, maybe Omark, and whoever the Oilers top draft choice this season would be if he's NHL ready. In other words, hold back the Oilers top prospects from turning pro in North America except for Omark and Eberle.

This would allow Eberle to get used to the pro game and be a leader on our farm team along with another solid incoming player in Chris Vande Velde. I would also hope that the Oilers would look to UFA's coming out of college to help the farm club.

in the '11-12 season the Oilers break in a pile of experienced and talented rookies into the NHL and AHL. To the NHL Eberle, MPS, and the best of Nash, Petry, and Lander along with potentially their 2nd consecutive lottery pick. This IMO would be the best move long term if the team were willing to completely tank this season and next.

In '11-12......



Lander-Vande Velde-JFJ


This would be a very young team, but a very talented one as well. Hemsky and Penner should be able to be leaders up front with Lubo being a leader on the blueline. This would be the most highly skilled Oilers lineup since the Dynasty years and with some solid coaching and some time to gel, it could become a very, very good team.

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