Monday, January 18, 2010

What The Oilers Could REALLY Use In Their Rebuild

The Oilers could really use a 2nd round gem to right the ship along with our projected lottery pick. Here's a list of really solid 2nd round picks in the last 10 seasons.

'01 D. Roy, Cammalleri, Pominville
'02 D. Keith
'03 L. Eriksson, P. Bergeron, S. Weber
'04 Booth, Krejci
'05 Neal, Stastny
'06 Lucic

The Oilers could really do themselves a world of good to add 3-4 2nd round picks in the hopes of landing one of these types of players. Boston, Dallas, and Buffalo both have 2 key building blocks from the 2nd round. The Oilers need to do this type of a thing to help expedite their rebuild.


RaoulDuke said...

It always amazes me Shea Weber slipped to the 2nd round, watching him in the WHL he kicked ass. It was no secret he'd be great.

If he was in the OHL he'd have been a 1st overall pick.

Bryanbryoil said...

I recall seeing him in the Memorial Cup thinking that he'd be a good 'un. I remember looking at Stastny's stats and thinking, if we drafted Pauko in the 2nd round the year before, why not draft this guy?