Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carolina Edges Forward, And Down The Stretch They Come!

If only the Oilers could keep up their putrid play and cement their fate as worst team in the league, this season could be seen as a success. Superstars don't want to come to Edmonton, we don't have the cap space to over pay for them (we do that for our in house role players instead), so the best of both worlds is to draft some poor kid with the deer in headlights look and tell him that he's coming to Edmonton!

"Well son, you're getting the rookie max, the red carpet rolled out, and you will be a celebrity unlike any other in Edmonton except for Gretzky and that Messier fella." Our own home grown superstar, oh how that would sooth the pain of watching the Oilers get treated like they owe other teams money night after night.

32 games left Oilers, make the most of it and lose the vast majority of them, it's the only way to get this mess headed in the right direction. Never in my life have I cheered on other teams as feverishly as I am the 'Canes and Leafs. 32 more games make the least of it boys and reward us the loyal fans in June.

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