Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Toronto Maple Leafs, the Road Block From Hell

The Oilers have managed to pull off a magnificent stretch where they have all of 4 points in their last 20 games, no matter how you slice it, that it brutal and should have a club that was already struggling prior to that running away with the poll position in the draft derby.

Well guess what? That's far from the case. In that same time the Leafs have won 2 games and gotten 6 loser points. The Oilers have only gained 6 points on the Laughs in the last 20 games. What's even worse? The Leafs have no injuries to major players, they have healthy goaltending, their top offensive forward is healthy as a horse, and they haven't had a boatload of injuries this season.

Add into this a GM that hates our organization, has a bigger ego than his larger than life head (apparently head size doesn't always reflect brain size), and he is desperate. Then we have the coach who seems like a complete jackass, a bunch of guys that could care less or just can't cut the mustard. Then the likelihood of the GM firing the coach is about as likely as hell freezing over, and we have the running joke of the NHL, Brian Burke's Toronto Maple Leafs.

As if our former GM and current one weren't bad enough we have to combat the cerebral moves of one of the greatest GM's or all time (of all time!) and the suck on ice that is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Just how bad do they suck? Well WE beat them for our only win in the last 20 games. As Carolina pulls farther and farther away from the Oilers and soon the Leafs, it will be a 2 horse race between them and us. 2 teams that can't seem to win to save their lives or for some their potential NHL careers in a battle for the right to get the highest possible chance of selecting first overall.

Somebody forgot to tell Burke that Kessel isn't Crosby and neither of Beauchemin or Komisarek are Scott Stevens. It just sucks that this idiot has to be exposed for the crappy GM that he is the one year where we are bad enough to potentially get a top 2 pick. If not I'd be having a good laugh at his expense. Can the Oilers overcome the suck that is the Toronto Maple Leafs? Let's hope so, because if not the only people that will hate Brian Burke's guts more than Leafs fans will be Oilers fans.


R. Duke said...

It's a cock block to Boston.
It's Brian Burke trying to save face, but he has a new team in mid season with no direction.

Last night when the Flames beat the living shit out of Edmonton - it wasn't Dion.

Either way, fuck the Oilers, Wednesday the Lindros Flyers step into town. And Mike Richards will school MA Pouliot.
Oh yeah, it's not only Getzlaf at that pick.

R. Duke said...

And I'll be in the 110 section mocking Oiler fans on every goal the Flyers pump in.

Bryanbryoil said...

Man they sure picked the wrong night to shat the bed (the Flyers). We needed that loss!