Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two Wins In A Row? This Is Bull Crap!

Yet another season of under performing seems to be ready to take its common end of the season course. It seems to be about that time for the Oilers annual run to fuck up their draft position. So help me if Tambellini becomes a buyer at the deadline or if he doesn't become a seller looking to gut and weaken his team while adding cap space.

Time for a real feel good story once again, the Oilers teasing their fans making them think that they could be a good team next season because they went on a playoff-esque run to end the year. Never mind that they soiled themselves for 2/3 of the season, never mind that finally the Oilers could be in a position to actually draft in the top 2, let's get thrilled that we'll win some games this year! This way when we are in the same boat next season and the season beyond we can take solace in the fact that we won some games to make our record look better than what it could've been and end up drafting a second tier player instead of a franchise type player.

Nothing like getting a little enjoyment in the present to make sure that there's a LOT more banging of your head on the wall for years on end. Let's hope that the Oilers get put back in their place against Minny and then get smashed from here on out this season. Nothing less than finishing dead last will allow the Oilers to make this season memorable for the right reasons years down the road.

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