Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Hall and Seguin Being Considered as Stamkos-esque Talents is a Bad Thing?

I have been puzzled as to why this is supposed to be some sort of a huge kick in the junk? Yes Hall and Seguin aren't considered to be the second coming of Crosby or Oveckin, but what's wrong with Stamkos and his talent?

His rookie season wasn't the thing that legends are made of (79 23-23-46) but his sophomore season is a sight to behold! At the end of tonight the 6'1" 200lb. center who will turn 20 years old in 3 days is on pace for 45 goals and 42 assists for 87 points in 81 games. If either of Hall or Seguin were near ppg guys at the ripe old age of 19/20 that would be A-O.K. for this Oilers fan.

Any way that you slice it, if Hall and Seguin are seen in the same light as this guy can we really go wrong drafting one of them? Would this type of a player be seen as 2nd fiddle to Sam Gagner in terms of impact players under 21 on the club? The Oilers need a Stamkos of their own, if Hall or Seguin turn out to be a measly 40-40 guy in their 2nd NHL season and wear the oil drop I could live with it, could you?

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