Friday, February 5, 2010

The Gloves Are Off, Schremp Vs. Horcoff the Sad Truth

Since Schremp left the Oil I have made it a point not to make many posts about him. However I find it pathetic that even now that the kid has become an everyday NHLer and that he is out producing many of our current forwards that he is getting crapped on by the Corsi crew.

Fact of the matter is that Schremp has had growing pains (as do all NHL rookies) but he has turned the corner, is playing center (where many said he could NEVER play in the NHL), putting up points at ES, and he is becoming respectable defensively and produces more than he gives up.

The kid has been centering the Isles top line in the last 3 games or so and has looked decent in doing so. This is the best that he has played since his '07-08 season in Springfield. He is looking every bit of an NHL player out on the ice and is using his unique set of talents to the benefit of the Islanders.

On the other side we have a player in Horcoff that is paid like a 1st liner but plays like an average 3rd liner (I'm trying to be kind here). A guy that is supposed to be filled with grit and determination. Well I don't see any more hunger in his game than I see in Schremp's. Schremp has been better on the forecheck, better in the offensive zone and on the PP.

This may not mean much to those of us that have thought of Horcoff to be having a year that will never be forgotten (in a bad way of course o.k. Corsi mongers?) but I find it downright hilarious that the same guy that was proclaimed to be the Oilers best player looks less effective on the ice than the guy that "only scored 7 goals in the AHL last year!" and the guy that "can't even help our AHL team let alone our team" the guy "that's softer than Charmin, can't skate worth a crap, only can do good when he's alone on the ice with the goaltender" etc.

"Oh but he wasn't competing with Horcoff for a spot at camp" Fine, in less games he has outscored Cogliano, has the same amount of points as Nilsson, would sit 6th on the Oilers in points/game and is miles better than a number of our forwards in +/-. But hey he'll never be an NHLer!

So those that feel the need to promote Horcoff as the answer to the Oilers woes instead of a major cause, keep beating that drum, sooner or later it will break, meanwhile out of the ashes of the Horcoff led '09-10 Oilers a young offensive threat on Long Island has arisen. And unlike Horcoff, his career is headed in one direction, straight up. As for those that enjoyed calling Schremp "Sugar Tits", I've got one for your boy Horcoff "Tits Up" because as long as he's our highest paid forward that's what the Oilers will be unless he pulls his head out of his ass.


RaoulDuke said...
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RaoulDuke said...

Nice call on the Tits Up.

I don't get why this Oilers team looking at their roster decided to let a prospect like Schremp go for nothing during a rebuild. The Islanders in a rebuild realized the prospect and didnt try to sign Comrie back.

But then again Oilers management probably still believes they're not rebuilding and are just one or two pieces away from being contenders.

I hope Schremp turns into a lights out superstar in the NHL just to reflect on the idiocy of Lowe/Tambellini's reign in Edmonton.

Ah blogger, have to delete an entire post just to edit one word.

Bryanbryoil said...

Yeah I hate that about posting on Blogger! There's a good chance that Schremp will become a solid top 6 guy if he can keep growing his game. The nice part is that he has Weight to mentor him.

Mike said...

Yes Schremp is doing well now. And yes Horcoff is playing poorly now. I think before you can truly evaluate the players you have to wait a year or two.

Raoul do you think the Oilers thought of this season as a rebuild when it started? I'm pretty sure they were hoping for a playoff berth.

As for keeping him for a rebuild, the Oilers had a pileup of young players: Cogs, Gags, Pouliot, Jacques, Nilsson. You don't want a line up full of developing players. That would almost certainly spell disaster for the season. Obviously it would've been better to get something for one of them, but at the beginning of the season that would've been hard to do.

The bottom line is that Schremp didn't make the team out of camp for a reason: he didn't play well in camp. At the time even BBO admitted the writing was on the wall (see Sept 24). I agree they should've gotten something for him, but it wouldn't have been much anyways.

Bryanbryoil said...

Mike my biggest issue was always that the kid never saw NHL ice unlike his peers. I also said that he'd shave $1+ million off the Oilers cap if they ditched Nilsson for him. The Oilers organization left the kid in ruins, luckily he finally found a coach willing to give him a shot at the NHL level. Now he and the Isles are reaping the rewards of that.

Maverick said...

The to key thing for Schremp was a fresh start, and a great veteran centre to mentor him in Weight. Who do the Oilers kids on this team have to mentor them?? Horcoff? Moreau? Enough said.

On the Bench said...

Hey Bryan. Come for a visit.


Bryanbryoil said...

RD and DSF, sounds good, sorry, I haven't been checking my blog very often.