Friday, February 19, 2010

Hall Vs. Seguin Vs. Fowler, BBO's First Viewing Of Seguin

I just ponied up and ordered the Windsor Vs. Plymouth game from September and I must say, it was a beauty! Nothing quite like getting to see 3 of the top prospects in the upcoming draft duke it out. I plan on watching at least a few more of these games, but these are my initial thoughts from my first ever viewing of Tyler Seguin and from my first non WJC's viewing's of Taylor Hall and Cam Fowler.

Tyler Seguin

Wizard with the puck, excellent vision, finds open ice almost at will with top notched speed, carries the puck unbelievably well, great passer, solid on draws, really good wrist shot, high offensive IQ, works the left side on the PP so he'd be a good replacement for Hemsky if Hemmer decides he wants out of town, dynamic at ES, pure skill player, elite skill level.

Needs to work harder on the defensive side of the puck, needs to get more engaged in puck battles, not a very aggressive player. All of these things can be taught although I wouldn't draft him in the anticipation of turning him into a Mike Richards type of a physical center.

Taylor Hall

Goes to the tough areas of the ice, will take punishment to win, will drive the net with reckless abandon, very good speed, safe bet as long as he doesn't get hurt because of the style that he plays, leadership ability because as a top talent he is willing to do anything to win.

Bad on draws, not the greatest of passers, needs to add more zip to his passes as well as accuracy, needs to get much stronger to play this way and come out alive after 82 NHL games.

Cam Fowler
Makes good decisions in all 3 zones, skates very well, good passer, well rounded hockey player.

Weaknesses: Has a decent shot but nothing too overpowering, below Hall and Seguin in terms of upside.

To be clear I am not proclaiming anyone to be the unanimous #1 choice in my books in a single game, but on a night where Hall and Seguin were matched up at center many a time, Seguin looked like the most dangerous player on the ice for much of the night while schooling Hall in the dot. He really is a special player in that he can kill a team in so many different ways. Hall seems to me to be a bit more of a heart and soul/blood and guts kind of a guy while Seguin is just an undeniable talent that makes his teammates better.

This while Seguin was playing against what many consider to be 2 of the 3 best players in this years draft class. Hall had 2 side of the net onetimers on 5 on 3's, a very good breakaway goal and a couple of decent assists (nothing too great on the playmaking side from Taylor on this night). Hall had the better stats tonight, but Seguin was all substance and created many grade A scoring chances for himself and his teammates. Thinking of Seguin and MPS flying down the ice had me smiling from ear to ear.

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