Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time For Tambellini To Put His Stamp On Deadline Day And The Oilers

Last year I was pushing for the Oilers to ditch their vets for picks, instead they became buyers and still missed the postseason. This season the Oilers are clearly nowhere near the postseason and if Tambo has any kind of a clue he will be adding 2nd and 3rd round picks en mass. I am not expecting a huge blockbuster where we land another high first like Toronto's as an example, but there is no reason that he can't turn guys like Pisani and Comrie into picks.

Visnovsky, Souray, and maybe even Penner could be up for grabs, Tambo needs to get something of substance for these guys if he moves them. We won't contend next year so we shouldn't just deal these guys for crap. The next 3 days will be some of the biggest for this franchise moving forward. Deal most of our vets for picks and prospects and seal our fate as the worst team in the NHL. Then turn some of those picks into potential NHL players or use them to trade up in the draft. In a perfect world this team will be gutted and weakened as we face the seasons finish line. It's time to see what Tambellini is made of.

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