Friday, March 12, 2010

Hall Vs Seguin Vs. Fowler, 2nd Viewing Of Seguin

This post is based on the 2/25/10 Plymouth Vs. Windsor Game

1st period-Seguin's playmaking is in a class of its own, while Hall is passing much better than their last match up that I watched, Seguin definitely appears to be the superior passer/playmaker. Windsor's coach seems to prefer matching his checking line against Seguin's line instead of going head to head with Seguin with Hall's line. That was the case in their first game of the season. Hall continues to play in the tough areas and has an exceptional wrist shot and looks like a threat SH. Seguin took the body on one play and looks strong on his skates. Hall hits the ice a lot, but a lot of it seems to be because he is willing to pay the price almost to a fault at times. 1st period seemed pretty even between the 2, and so far nothing that I've seen has made me think differently from their first meeting except that Hall's passing is looking much better.

2nd Period-
Hall had the better period. Seguin had a solid backhand chance and made some good passes as well as being really solid in the dot. That said, Hall scored a goal, made some very good passes, drew a penalty shot, had at least one other breakaway, hit a post, and straight up looked dangerous in every situation in the 2nd. He is able to use his speed in every situation, very impressive period by Hall except that his penalty shot attempt left something to be desired. Hall's passing continues to be much better than it was in the 1st Hall Vs. Seguin match up that I watched.

3rd Period-Hall with an ill advised blind backhand pass to the point from the left boards that was picked off, luckily for him nothing came of it. Seguin with a slapper from the point gaining the zone that trickled in 5 hole for a goal. Hall with a shot/pass that went off his teammates skate for a disallowed goal. Hall's and Seguin's lines went head to head a few times. Seguin playing a lot as they were close to tying it down 4-3. Hall gets to a loose puck on the PP, curls and makes a quick and accurate onetime cross ice pass to the point for a primary assist. Hall proved to be the quicker skater in my eyes while Seguin is more of an elusive skater.

Overall Taylor Hall was definitely the top prospect in this game. He played superbly and unlike my first OHL viewing of him he showed a very good knack for passing the puck effectively, creating space with his speed, and showing a solid combination of playmaker and sniper. He showed a ton of versatility in this game and showed how dynamic his speed can be in all areas of the ice.

Seguin showed brilliant flashes of skill, however he ran up against a better team and couldn't beat the Spitfires all by himself. That said to face the defending Memorial Cup champs who were gearing up for the playoff drive and still create numerous grade A chances for himself and his teammates shows just how immense his skill is.

Fowler is simply not a franchise defense prospect, my personal opinion is that a franchise defenseman is a guy that dominates offensively and defensively. I do not see an elite offensive upside in Fowler. My personal opinion is that there is a very large drop between Hall and Seguin and Fowler at #3. The Oilers would really be doing the future of the franchise a dis-justice if they end up not finishing the season as the worst team in the league ensuring that we get 1 of Hall or Seguin.

At this point I think that it's very close between Hall and Seguin, proven performer vs. a higher offensive upside, a warrior vs. a cerebral assassin on the ice, elite speed vs. elite elusiveness, elite shot vs. elite vision and hands. I can see points in drafting either player at #1 to be honest. I will wait until after the OHL playoffs and perhaps even after the Memorial Cup is over before making my final choice between the 2. Right now I must say that drafting either one of these guys would make me feel proud about being an Oilers fan and happy that this season was the disaster that it ended up being. If we draft Fowler on the other hand we are in a world of hurt long term if this draft is supposed to signify the new face of the franchise.

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