Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hall Vs. Seguin Part 6 Update Time!

I decided to update this just prior to the end of the OHL season.

At the end of 3/6/10

Hall 55gp. 38-62-100 +44
ESG 21
ES 1st assists 23
ES 2nd assists 9
ES Points 53

PPG 13
PP 1st assists 18
PP 2nd assists 12
PP Points 43

SH 2nd assists 1
SH Points 5

1st stars 10
2nd stars 3
3rd stars 4
Total 3 star selections 17
EN 3

Seguin 60gp. 47-58-105 +17
ESG 35
ES 1st assists 20
ES 2nd assists 8
ES Points 63

PPG 12
PP 1st assists 19
PP 2nd assists 11
PP Points 42

1st stars 15
2nd stars 2
3rd stars 1
Total 3 star selections 18
EN 1

Multi Point Games

Hall (25)
10-2 points games
5-3 point games
6-4 point games Blowout games 5-2, 5-2, 8-4, 5-1, 7-3
4-5 point games Blowout games 11-3, 7-1, 6-3

Seguin (27)
9-2 point games
9-3 point games
7-4 point games Blowout games 7-2, 6-1, 5-1, 6-2
2-5 point games Blowout games 9-2, 6-3

Multi Goal Games

Hall (11)
9-2 goal games
2-3 goal games

Seguin (11)
6-2 goal games
5-3 goal games

54 of Hall's 100 points came in 12 games 8 of which were blowouts or at least not very close games.

Hall had at least 1 point in 46 of his 55 games.

Seguin had at least 1 point in 45 of his 60 games.

Looking at this I can't help but think of how many points Hall has gotten because he has better teammates than Seguin. Seguin is a better passer and has better vision yet he has less assists. Seguin has also proven to be the better offensive player at ES. Seguin has 3 more hat tricks and 5 more 1st star selections. IMO offensively Seguin is clearly the better player, however Hall's grittiness, toughness, and never say die attitude makes this an interesting competition. Not to mention I have seen a number of Halls goals coming from the right side of the net for tap ins or onetimers, that won't be there in the NHL the majority of the time.

I'd still take Seguin at this point, however their true test will come in the postseason. Hall SHOULD outshine Seguin if they match up because of his stronger team. If it's even close, between the 2 it's advantage Seguin.


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Racki said...

I'm way behind on this, but just wanted to point out that this is great stuff. Despite that these guys are the consensus top two picks, digging up comparisons of the two is a pretty difficult task, and it's great you did a lot of the ground work.

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Glad that you like it Racki.

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