Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oilers 2010 Draft Picks

With the recent addition of three new picks, here's what the Oilers will likely be looking at in terms of picks.

1st Round
Oilers Pick

2nd Round
Oilers Pick
Nashville's Pick

3rd Round
Oilers Pick
Calgary's Pick

4th Round
Oilers Pick

5th Round
Oilers Pick

6th Round
Oilers Pick
Anaheim's Pick
Ottawa's Pick

7th Round
Oilers Pick

That is 11 picks total. I have heard Tambellini say that they now have 10 picks for this draft, I am not sure if he forgot the Ottawa pick or if they dealt a pick that I am forgetting. So at the least it's 10 picks, at most it's 11. The Oilers acquired the Ottawa pick last year by dealing their 7th rounder for Ottawa's 6th rounder this season. This gives the team an opportunity to use their additional 3rd round pick or their 2 additional 6th round picks to move up in the draft.

Ultimately I'd like to see them with another selection in the 1st round or at least another 2nd rounder. Tambellini might have the flexibility to move Calgary's 3rd and Anaheim's or Ottawa's 6th and land another 2nd rounder. Or he could move Nashville's 2nd and Calgary's 3rd and move into the late 1st round somewhere.

If Tambellini decides to stand pat the Oilers scouts will get 4 more opportunities to land some prospect depth and maybe hit a much needed home run beyond our 1st round pick. Perhaps even more picks will be accumulated at the draft if players like Souray or Cogliano are on the move.

One thing is for certain the 2010 NHL Draft will determine the fate of this Oilers team for some time. A successful draft means an eventual return to respectability for the NHL club as well as the AHL club, a failed one and the Oilers will look back at this as some of the darkest days that this franchise has ever seen.


VNet Pulse said...

Hi Bryan...

I'm pretty sure Calgary's pick is conditional, no? They get to choose if it is a 3rd this year OR next year...

Although I don't always agree with your opinions, I enjoy your blog and your viewpoint!

Keep it up! :)



Bryanbryoil said...

I heard that today, I didn't hear that yesterday for whatever reason. Either way we got a decent pick as this will likely be more than a one year true rebuild unless they try to rebuild on the fly again. IMO you plan to have a rebuilding season, if our 1st rounder, MPS, etc. come in and do great, then maybe you consider a quick rebuild. However entering next season it should be seen as a complete rebuilding season.