Monday, May 3, 2010

Comparing Hall's '08-09 and '09-10 OHL Postseasons

One of the biggest arguments for Taylor Hall to be the first overall selection in the 2010 entry draft has been that he was a beast in the '08-09 postseason. He won both the Memorial Cup and the OHL Postseason MVP awards as a kid that was a year away from draft eligibility. No doubt that what he did then was special, but how does he stack up a year later with what he did last season?

By the looks of things he has been very similar in terms of statistical accomplishments, however he may end up with less points albeit in less games if Windsor completes the sweep of Barrie tomorrow. The question now becomes, has he actually elevated his game from last season or has he stagnated? In his case, stagnation is not a bad thing to say the least. Last postseason he led the OHL in points and goals while this postseason he is well behind 2 players in goals, and is just a point behind the leader in playoff scoring but has also played 2 less games than Jeff Skinner.

The names have changed, but Hall has remained dominant. Has he been AS dominant as he was as a 16 year old? That is up for debate IMO.

'08-09 OHL Playoffs
20gp. 16-20-36 +15 12pim.
(ES 10(2EN)-11-21 9-1st, 2-2nd assists)
(PP 6-8-14 5-1st, 3-2nd assists)
(SH 0-1-1 0-1st, 1-2nd assists)
3 Star
Selections: 7
1st Star: 2
2nd Star: 4
3rd Star: 1
2 (1ot)

'09-10 OHL Playoffs
18gp. 15-17-32 +15 28pim.
(ES 9-12-21 9-1st, 3-2nd assists)
(PP 6-5-11 1-1st, 4-2nd assists)
(SH 0-0-0 0-1st, 0-2nd assists)
3 Star
Selections: 8
1st Star: 3
2nd Star: 2
3rd Star: 3
GWG-3 (1ot)

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