Friday, May 21, 2010

Why Hall Makes The Most Sense

I have been on record as saying that Taylor or Tyler would be perfectly fine as our top pick. And while I continue to feel that way, I must admit that I have been leaning more an more towards Hall to the point that right now I feel that he should be the clear cut #1 player in this draft despite that fact that Tyler Seguin will be one hell of a hockey player.

In getting to watch some of Hall's Memorial Cup performances, I still see a kid that gets drilled a lot more often than I'd like to see, but I also see a guy that has elite goalscoring and passing ability, a guy that is undoubtedly the best player on the ice yet is one of the hardest working players out there, and a guy that seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to end the day victorious.

In watching parts of the NHL Playoffs, one play stood out to me that boosted my opinion of Hall for #1. The play where Crosby took Spezza to school behind the net, Spezza was trying hard to stop Sid, but Sid's speed and elusiveness were just too much for Spezza to handle. Hall has that kind of insane speed in close quarters and he has the skill to make something happen as well.

Then there's the fact that your best player is one of your hardest workers and is willing to pay the price to win. This is a huge thing for me, in seeing so much uninspired chicken shit play by the Oilers in the last number of years, it would serve notice to the Nilsson's, Cogliano's, O'Sullivan's, or who ever we can't flush from the team this season. Hall is more skilled than you and he is willing to do ANYTHING to win. If you aren't then we have no use for you here. If you are willing to follow his lead, you will be here for a long time.

Hall will have to bulk up and keep his head up at the next level, but just about everything else is already instilled in this world class hockey player. Center, LW, whatever he will be at the next level, barring injuries he will be the best hockey player that we've had since Messier (no I did not forget Pronger). I am officially dragging up the rear on the Taylor Hall bandwagon, but if he was able to sway my opinion that's one hell of a feather in his cap, hopefully an Oilers cap come June 25th 2010.


till_horcoff_is_coach said...

Great series of posts on "The Great Debate". I only discovered it now or I would have commented earlier.

This post in particular is a nice angle to review with everything else being so close.

I am in the camp that would be happy to take Hall, but probably moreso if they took Seguin AND something worthwhile from Boston (2nd + Wheeler / Bos 1st). Regardless, it will be hard to be disappointed what goes down.

Thanks again for the posts.

Bryanbryoil said...

Thanks, I'm glad that you enjoyed those series of posts. I can also see the worth in getting the 15th overall pick along with Seguin. I am anxious to see what the Oilers do at the draft, will they go with a full on rebuild or will they look to be competitive again next season?

Gord said...

A "full on rebuild" does not mean the Oilers are not competitive next year.

A few key specialists on one year contracts - players who fill gaps as the kids continue to improve.

We keep forgetting that Penner is only 27 years old, Hemsky is 26, Cogliano & Brule are 23, Gagner is 20...

Gilbert & Whitney are 27, Smid is 24, Peckham is 22...

A full rebuild means having the young core to build around - while adding more talented youth to the mix..

Sign a few stop gaps - there are lots of players begging for a paycheck... Lots of them...