Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Souray and Khabibulin, Why Vets Aren't Always The Answer

So you're one of the new faces of the Edmonton Oilers, raring to show the team and the city that you are looking to take the team on your young shoulders and carry them up the ladder to NHL respectability. Not so fast young man, first stop, the dressing room. First up you come across an imposing defenseman that would seemingly rather eat glass than don the Oil drop again after going public in his spat with management.

Next you have the teams oldest player, a guy that you might want to draw some wisdom from since he's been in the NHL for so long that he played for the Winnipeg Jets for crying out loud! Never mind, unless you want to find out how to get caught DWI and make more noise off the ice than on it, you might want to keep on walking kid.

Two major off ice distractions that could already give the kids bad tastes in their mouths at a time where they should be building pride as Oilers and enjoying the ride. Steve Tambellini needs to get rid of at least one of these sideshow acts, he got rid of Moreau, but that was just part of the mess that still remains.

How about from now on when we acquire vets they come intact with character and leadership? No more whiners, no more substance abusers, just guys that play hard and are more than willing to teach the kids how it's supposed to be done and how it's a privilege to be a NHL hockey player no matter where you play.

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