Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten Second Tier Prospects That Hopefully Exceed Expectations, #10 David Musil

In a rebuild luck and solid scouting most certainly plays a major part in a successful or unsuccessful rebuild. On top of the top end guys that you draft (Hall and RNH) you need some of the other players to step up and exceed expectations to fill key secondary or even primary roles if you're extremely lucky. I'll be looking at ten Oilers prospects that would become major contributors if they can go above and beyond their current projections.

Without further adieu, #10 David Musil. Musil's toughness, size, strength, and willingness to stick up for teammates makes him a force to be reckoned with. Musil was once rated in the top five for the 2011 draft class before falling out of the first round in June. If Musil can somehow improve his game to bridge that gap and look more like a mid 1st round prospect we could have a stellar 2nd pairing defenseman on our hands. Let alone if he ends up looking like a top 5 talent from this draft like he did less than a year ago.

Musil's bloodlines are rich in athletic genes, his grandfather, uncle, mother, and father were all outstanding athletes and the blood that runs in his veins could very well give him the push needed to get over the top. Every prospect has pro's and con's in terms of intangibles, I can't think of many NHL players with the pedigree that Musil has.

Defensemen are the most difficult skaters to predict in terms of potential. Unlike first line centers who for the most part come from the first round, some of the best D in the league were drafted outside of the 1st round. Here's to hoping that Musil can surprise his detractors and prove to be a vital piece of the Oilers blueline for many years to come.

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