Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ten Second Tier Prospects That Hopefully Exceed Expectations, #9 Colten Teubert

Colten Teubert is everything that the Edmonton Oilers need in a defenseman sans elite skill. Big, strong, tough, and best of all he treats opposing players like they owe him money and hit on his kid sister. On top of these qualities, Teubert also brings a much needed wildcard mentality, he's a guy that could just lose it and start raining punches on a non fighter if the just so happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In other words, he's something that we have been missing in a big way for a long time.

Unlike another one of our towering defensemen Alex Plante, Teubert's skating isn't a weakness. This will allow him to use his size and ill temper to keep opposing players heads on a swivel unlike a big but lumbering skater that doesn't have the speed to catch many guys with big hits.

Ideally Teubert becomes a top four stay at home D that every team in the league would love on their team but absolutely despise playing against. Regardless of where he plays he will bring an intimidating presence to his pairing, if he becomes good enough to do this against some of the stars in the league without being used as a defensive pylon, Teubert could become an excellent second tier player and a guy that is always in the oppositions head.

Players unwilling to pay a heavy price physically will loathe playing against a defense with Theo Peckham and Colten Teubert leading the hit parade.

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