Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Comparing RNH's Rookie Season To Other Rookies Straight Out Of The Draft

These are some of the most successful rookies straight out of the draft since the lockout. Excluding Crosby for obvious reasons, this is how RNH stacks up statistically against his peers. I'm planning on keeping track of this in 5 game segments.

First 5 games:

Tavares 3-3-6 18sog. +1

RNH 4-1-5 14sog. +1

Kane 0-4-4 18sog. +1

Gagner 0-4-4 10sog. -1

Landeskog 2-1-3 20sog. Ev.

Seguin 1-2-3 10sog. -1

Skinner 0-3-3 14sog. Ev

Duchene 0-2-2 6sog. -4

Hall 0-1-1 9sog. -2

Stamkos 0-0-0 8sog. -1

Oddly enough RNH's goalscoring was questioned in relation to other recent high end rookies, yet there he is leading the charge with 4 goals in his first 5 games. Obviously that pace will not continue throughout the season, but he has definitely shown that he can pot a few at this level.

Also of note is that RNH is one of only three players to be a + in the +/- category. It will be interesting to see how he stacks up with these players as the season progresses. Will he keep somewhat consistent? Will he hit a month long slump like Tavares did? Whatever the case, RNH has already shown much more out of the gate than most of these guys did.

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