Sunday, October 30, 2011

RNH With The Best Start To A Post Draft Rookie Year Since Patrick Kane

Just failing to keep at the point a game mark, RNH had more goals than any of the rookies that I've singled out for comparison's sake, more points than anyone not named Kane, and a better +/- than anyone besides fellow 2011 draftee Gabriel Landeskog who is tied with RNH with a +3.

Through ten games RNH has four points at ES including two goals. People that considered the 2011 draft to be void of elite talent at the top of the draft are getting a square kick to the junk as RNH and Landeskog are both having tremendous starts to their NHL careers.

I've said all along that RNH will be much more like Kane in terms of skill and production than Gagner, and while Gagner had a pretty decent start to his NHL career when it's all said and done I fully expect RNH to be closer to Kane's rookie totals of 21-51-72 in 82 games than Gagner's rookie totals of 13-36-49 in 79 games.

After 10 Games:

Kane 3-10-13 33sog. +2

RNH 5-4-9 22sog. +3

Tavares 3-4-7 30sog. -6

Skinner 3-4-7 27sog. +1

Gagner 1-6-7 17sog. -2

Landeskog 4-2-6 42sog. +3

Duchene 1-5-6 20sog. -3

Seguin 3-2-5 18sog. +1

Hall 2-3-5 21sog. -4

Stamkos 2-2-4 24sog. -1


Lisa McRitchie said...

Two points last night helps put RNH back on pace!

Eirhead said...

Should have added Crosby and Ovechkin to give a better comparison to the TOP talents in the last decade... not just all the comparables RNH is clear and above of :P

Bryanbryoil said...

Lisa-Yeah, back to a point/game, kid is poised to have a Skinner or Kane-esque rookie season.

Eirhead-Crosby is a truly generational talent, I believe that he had something like 15 points in his first 10 games but less goals than RNH had. I don't think that anyone expects RNH to challenge 100 points this year. As for Ovechkin he broke into the league two years after his draft so it's not exactly comparing apples to apples.

Lisa McRitchie said...

Oh, but I do. Put me down for 101 points for RNH :p

Bryanbryoil said...

Well Lisa while that is rather optimistic and I'd assume that your saying that tongue in cheek, it's still not as bad of an idea as sending RNH down after being a point/game and + player after his first 9 NHL games ;)