Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Looking At the '12-13 Opening Night Roster And Gagner's and Omark's Days Are Numbered

Steve Tambellini is a frequent whipping boy of Bloggers and message board posters, however I see an architect that is building something special under his watchful eye.

Let's start with the forwards:

Tambellini is looking for a mixture of elite skill, size, speed, strength, and two way ability with a little toughness for good measure. If you don't fit these criteria then chances are that you do not fit on Tambo's team.

So who doesn't fit these criteria?

Sam Gagner and Linus Omark. Gagner while skilled does not have enough of the other skills needed to keep him here long term. Linus Omark on the other hand while strong for his size and highly skilled also has major flaws to his game. If either of these guys brought elite offense to the table, chances are that Tambellini could live with their weaknesses, however they don't and I would be surprised to see either player start the '12-13 season with the Oilers.

Now the Blueliners:

Size, skating ability, good first passes, good point shots, shot blocking, and some downright junkyard dog meanness seems to be Tambo's shopping list when envisioning his defense of the future.

So who doesn't fit the bill?

Alex Plante and maybe Theo Peckham. Neither player brings much speed to their games, but both brings their fair share of bite to the big club. However their potential demise comes not only because of their own shortcomings, but because of a guy like Colten Teubert. Every bit as mean, but much more mobile and quick than Plante and Peckham. Andy Sutton is not a long term fixture in Edmonton so we could see Theo Peckham regain his spot in our top six D, but he needs to show some strides and cut down on his mistakes. Plante's aspirations of being a full time Oiler are in their last breaths despite a decent performance against St. Louis.

So how do I see the '12-13 Oilers opening night roster?



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