Monday, November 21, 2011

Through 20 Career NHL Games RNH Trails Only Kane's Production In Recent Years

Remember when I said that RNH would be much more Kane than Gagner? The proof is in the pudding. After 20 career NHL games in their post draft season, RNH trails only Patrick Kane in points by the a measly 2 points. Kane of course went on to have a 72 point rookie season, which has been the benchmark for rookies straight out of the draft not named Sid.

If anyone still thinks that RNH will = Gagner, they need their glasses checked, if their prescription still works, then they need to get their head examined. RNH is on a level that Gagner could only dream of attaining, and that's just on the defensive side of the puck, let's not dive into their offensive abilities.

RNH looks like a potential top 5-10 player in the NHL, those that pushed for Couturier maybe salivating over his +/-, but like I said prior to the draft RNH has that "it factor" than Couturier simply does not have. Of course that isn't good enough to the stat community, however the fact that they feel that RNH could not score goals (8 through 20 games) or produce at ES at the NHL level (6-4-10 in 20 games) should be more than enough to short circuit their calculators.

Without further adieu:

Through Their First 20 Career NHL Games

Kane 7-15-22 -1 57sog.

RNH 8-12-20 +1 41sog.

Tavares 8-10-18 -1 58sog.

Skinner 6-10-16 -4 51sog.

Hall 4-5-9 -8 46sog.

Landeskog 5-4-9 Ev 70sog.

Couturier 5-3-8 +8 28sog.

Seguin 4-4-8 -1 35sog.

Gagner 2-7-8 -8 30sog.

Duchene 2-5-7 -7 36sog.

Stamkos 2-5-7 -7 46sog.

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