Friday, November 11, 2011

After 15 Career Games RNH Trails Only Kane's and Skinner's Production In Recent Years

In terms of rookies that entered the league straight out of the draft (not named Crosby for obvious reasons) since the lockout this is how RNH stacks up with his peers.

Thirteen points in his first fifteen contests while Hall and Eberle still try to find their goalscoring touch. Add to that the fact that the team is in the middle of a lengthy road trip and you have the makings to a tremendous start to an NHL career.

Also of note is that fellow 2011 draftees Gabriel Landeskog and Sean Couturier have had better starts to their NHL careers than most of the below list. Weak draft my ass!

Kane 5-12-17 +3 45sog.

Skinner 6-9-15 Ev 41sog.

RNH 7-6-13 +2 29sog.

Tavares 5-6-11 -2 48sog.

Landeskog 5-3-8 +2 56sog.

Couturier 5-3-8 +9 24sog.

Hall 3-4-7 -7 33sog.

Duchene 2-5-7 -5 27sog.

Gagner 1-6-7 -7 23sog.

Seguin 3-3-6 -2 25sog.

Stamkos 2-2-4 -6 32sog.

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