Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where Does Justin Schultz' Offensive Stats Rank Among Recent High D Picks From The NCAA? Part 2

I guess it shows how long it's been since I've blogged, it looks like a number of changes have been made, so I'll continue the rest here!

Firstly here are Schultz' stats, he was drafted in '08

Freshman Season: 43 6-16-22
Sophomore Season: 41 18-29-47
Junior Season: 37 16-28-44

He seems to be way up the ladder in 2nd and 3rd year production, however one thing that catches my eye is that there are three high scoring Wisconsin Badgers on the list and the lower scoring McDonagh, Brendan Smith, Schultz, and Gardiner. Is it a great system in Wisconsin for offensive D, or do they just recruit some of the best D talent around?

Obviously the Badgers are a big NCAA program, but Schultz' stats are in between Smith's and Gardiner's in their junior years, although he is far superior to their Sophomore stats. Four high end D were drafted out of their program in a 2 years span! 

Erik Johnson
Freshman Season: 41 4-20-24
Best NHL Season: 79 10-29-39

Jeff Petry
Junior Season: 38 4-25-29
Best NHL Season: 73 2-23-25

Jamie McBain
Junior Season: 40 7-30-37
Best NHL Season: 76 7-23-30

Brendan Smith
Sophomore Season: 31 9-14-23
Junior Season: 42 15-37-52
Best AHL Season: 57 10-24-34
Best NHL Season: 14 1-6-7

Ryan McDonagh
Sophomore Season: 36 5-11-16
Junior Season: 43 4-14-18
Best NHL Season: 82 7-25-32

Jake Gardiner
Sophomore Season: 41 6-7-13
Junior Season: 41 10-31-41
Best NHL Season: 75 7-23-30

Nick Leddy
Freshman Season: 30 3-8-11
Best NHL Season: 82 3-34-37

Justin Faulk
Freshman Season: 39 8-25-33
Best NHL Season: 66 8-14-22

Could Schultz be one of the best of the bunch? The stats would say that the answer is yes, quite frankly if he turns out to be as good as the top 20% of this list he'd be a tremendous signing. Here's to hoping that the Oilers can pull it off and bring back the player that the 2nd round pick that went to Anaheim as compensation for the Dustin Penner offer sheet yielded. 

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